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 CRWC will no longer be holding

Walleye Tournaments

 The Columbia Basin Walleye Anglers Association will be offering some tournaments here locally.  

Please visit their Facebook page for up to date info on tournaments and tournament applications

If you would like to make camping reservations at the

Umatilla Marina & RV park call (541) 922-3939


Tournament Results

Oregon Governor's Cup 2015

Top 10 places

1st  Ron Kuntz & Mike Mudd  45.42 lbs (Sat Big Fish 11.30lbs & Sun Big Fish 10.74lbs)

2nd  Leeland Lafferty & Bill Sanders 42.92 lbs

3rd   Wayne Plucker & Kye Carpenter  42.80 lbs

4th  Scott Spalding & C. Schamer 41.73 lbs

5th  Kimo Gabriel & D. Ghramm  33.84 lbs

6th  Matt Bryan & R. Bryan  32.52 lbs

7th  Derek Baher & m. Leopold  31.66 lbs

8th  Paul Wagner & M. Bentz  31.60 lbs

9th  J. Reeder & J. Reeder  30.92 lbs

10th  Gerald Wright & Danny Wright  28.06 lbs


HDM Walleye Derby 2015

Top 10 places

1st  Kimo Gabriel & Jerry Siefken  50.42 lbs

2nd  Tim & Bonnie Berry  46.28 lbs

3rd  Ronald & Gregory Jablonski  45.96 lbs

4th  Derek Baher & Andrew Barboe  44.30 lbs

5th  Jesse Lamb & Dave Heddon  42.04 lbs

6th  Tony & Andy Lusk  42.00 lbs

7th  Brad Phillips & Ty Whitaker  41.36 lbs

8th  Rick Sutherland & Tom Morrow  39.56 lbs

9th Brett Sorenson & Mike Zook  38.50 lbs

10th  Wayne Plucker & Kye Carpenter  37.66 lbs

*Full results available on the High Desert Marine Facebook page.




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New Website

Posted at 04/11/11 - 03:30 PM

Welcome to our new website.  This new website will be updated with new info as we learn to use it.


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